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We have been breeding and showing for 35+ years (97+ champions to date; multiple "top ten, or better, dogs; multiple specialty winners and top producers) and try hard to share our knowledge with the beginner or those new to the breed. During those many years, I have held many board positions in the Borzoi Club of America and the Midwest Borzoi Club. Besides those two clubs, I currently belong to The Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club, The Elgin Kennel Club, and The American Dog Show Judges Assn. The name Oaklara has always been synonymous with quality and integrity. If we donít have the dog you are seeking, we will do our best to steer you to someone who will.

Here at Oaklara (often called Borzoi heaven by other breeders both of Borzoi and other breeds), our dogs run free in our play yards of one and two acres all day long. They are locked in their kennels with easy access to their outside 60-ft.-long runs from evening until morning, and then their leisurely play-filled day starts again. We firmly believe that exercise is an important factor in proper development of this breed. None of our dogs are absolute kennel dogs; each and every one of the Oaklara Borzoi gets house time and plenty of attention.

For those of you just getting interested in Borzoi, you might derive a great deal from a booklet called "The Visualization of the Borzoi Standard", which is available from the Borzoi Club of America for under $15. I consider it a "Must Have".



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